Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ART 340 Proj. No. 1 Proposal - Michael Hubbard

On the subject of mundanity & capturing an instance of it in a day-to-day routine with whatever chosen media, I would like to create a short, two to three-minute video about something as ordinary as reading before going to bed. However, with the intention of giving the film a contextual plot and my keen interest in the cinematic feel, I would also like to add an ounce of suspense and horror to add an energetic spin to the topic of the mundane. The premise would be that the protagonist has been extensively reading a book in his, not paying attention to what is going on behind him as something horrific warps into existence, and soon meets his presumable demise after putting his book away & turning off his light. There will be no sound, only a moody soundtrack piece, and the film may be in color, although that may also be unlikely.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fuck YouTube

I want to formally make a statement to YouTube: Fuck You

You take such a long ass time to process a 3-minute video and you're useless


Michael Hubbard

Final Project Presentation - Experimental Horror Film: "Never Lighter"

*Note: It's taking really long time to upload the video of my film because of the video processing on YouTube

Yesterday we all had our final projects presented for a final critique as well as a sort of public showing. I was overall excited by the whole experience and actually made a new discovery while I was there that could potentially shift the development of films I plan to make in the future.
I as am sure you are all aware, I did another short film similar to the one I did earlier this term, only this time it is a couple minutes longer and carries a slightly more cohesive narrative, despite its experimental form. During our times reading and discussing McLuhan's book I felt like there several elements in his theory of modern technology that could be made into a horror film, particularly his prediction that this technology would makes us basically more detached from one another despite our intention to become more connected a "global village"because we would then require a further overload of unadulterated information we never really need. In my film "Never Lighter," which stars Ridley Tankersley and sees the return of Ben Meunier, there are no really apparent horror elements other than the music and some scenes hinting at it. The film is about two young college students who are not directly linked but are facing a similar situation, which is how modern technology has mired their social lives and made them either paranoid or frustrated.

Monday, March 2, 2015

John Cage, Avant-Garde Music Theorist & Composer

For our brief artist research report, I was tasked with the music theorist and avant-garde artist John Cage. I noticed that in The Medium Is the Message, author Marshall McLuhan does not have much about John Cage other than several quotes just as obscure as McLuhan’s book. McLuhan voices many problems with the advent of modern technology and how it affect our individuality and hamper our ability to proper socialize, and it seems to me that Cage offers a solution to some of those problems with the little page space he has in McLuhan’s book. The argument that I make is that Cage’s solution consists of us taking time to remove ourselves from modern technology.

~ Cage and his prepared piano experiment ~

~ Cage playing on a ridiculously small piano for 4'33' ~