Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Memory Split" (Final Project) - Michael Hubbard

Allow me to say again that the title of this piece is not exactly an accurate description of the content itself. There is not necessary a split in memory occurring, by rather a recollection to an earlier moment filled with repressed emotions that is beginning facet a split in the person's psyche. The prompt for this assignment asked us to explore the degree at which belief can go, and Memory Split I beg the question of how far a person will allow past memory to cloud their emotions and engender a belief about themselves that may not be entirely accurate. Originally, this was meant to be a longer, more narratively-driven piece that would have curtailed an individual's experience with a high combined with his repressed feelings that originate from his rigid interactions with his family. The character would have seen images and heard smalls voices and cries suggesting he comes from a broken home and neglected childhood when he could be in fact over-exaggerating the reality of the situation and is in danger of twisting his perception of those close to him. The person would eventually see through the illusions and remind himself that he is not alone and that he still loved and cared about by his family.
Unfortunately, plans for that film did not pan out accordingly due to scheduling issues and time commitments from both volunteers of the project and myself. I did however continue rolling with the idea of a memory overriding an individual's mind and possibly altering his personality slightly. Thankfully, my good friend Ben Meunier continues to find time to sacrifice and be a good sport, I thank him for that, again.
De Certeau says that he, "...define[s] belief...as the subject's investment in a proposition...considering it as true," and that, "Little by little...," that belief can become, "...polluted..." (De Certeau 178-179). With the current cut of Memory Split, I would like to get across the idea that while the young man played by Ben is calm at first, he is still haunted by a repressed feeling that tends to lash out and distort his attitude, thus ending with him having moved to another location at night and beginning to smoke, a sign that I try to communicate as being an attempt to conceal and manage those feelings. He ultimately does not want to believe that he has weakness and tries to deny his apparent anger, whatever the reason may have been for causing it.
Memory Split (Class-Cut)