Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Final Project - "PhotoPolar," "Polychromorphosis," "Orrico Unleashed," & the Unfinished "PaganPlay" Synopsis

Be treated to two short films - an experimental horror/comedy and a found-footage music video featuring scenes from the silent film "Metropolis" and music by Noah "N.G." Gunther - and possibly two other short videos - one an account of visiting artist Tony Orrico's performance piece and the reception to the gallery featuring his work and the other an unfinished cut of another experimental horror film.

First to be shown is "Polychromorphosis," a more gaudy, more vibrant interpretation of a select sequence in the science-fiction classic "Metropolis" and boasting an experimental rock score by fellow student Noah "N.G." Gunther meant to reflect the more pulpy, over-saturated tone of the short.

Second will be "PhotoPolar,"a strange and self-aware spin on the horror/comedy genre featuring the improvisational talents of Ridley Tankersley and Kip Hathaway. It will be qualitatively inconsistent, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.

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